Writing and photography illustrating the present-progressive state of Detroit, MI.

I was walking my dog and ran into my friend Jarrod from The Detroit Wire. He was passing through my neighborhood on his way to a park clean up day. The funny part was that I bumped into him at a different park that had been cleaned up in recent months.

I joined him and was overwhelmed by the undertaking. There was a group of about ten volunteers picking up garbage through an enormous stretch of field. Enough for maybe two decent sized soccer fields.

They were cleaning the area for an event on Friday that was going to start at the make-shift skate park that has been there for years. One of the volunteers said it made sense to clear the field because people wanted to bring grills and cook out for the upcoming event, and why grill on an abandoned tennis court when there’s the potential for a really nice park that people could use.

I was impressed by the simple reasoning. If you have the means to make something better, why not do it?

We may not live in a country like Istanbul protesting our government, but I feel if we were it would be people like the ones I met today leading the charge. Today they’re armed with gloves, garbage bags, and a bobcat with an enormous lawnmower. They’re a group of people that came together to improve a place. Since I’ve lived in this fantastic city I have found that that is what it’s about. That’s Detroit. The open-handed opportunity to make something better every day.

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